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At Happy Cash, we offer cash advances to our clients via Pay Day Loan. As the name suggests, pay day loan is a type of unsecured loan whereby borrowers are required to repay their loans on their next pay day.

Being in the moneylending industry for a long time, Happy Cash understands that anyone can experience emergency situations in life that require urgent need of cash and are running short of money till the next pay day. Such examples could be to pay utility bills, house mortgage, car installment, credit card payment etc. When facing such situation, you are in risk of having to pay high unnecessary interest rates when you delay payment even for one day.

However, with Happy Cash, you need not fret as we are here to assist our clients in the shortfall in between your pay day. To apply, please submit your application online and we will receive your cash as soon as the application is approved.

For more information on our pay day loan services, please do not hesitate to call us at +65 6293 3229

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