Requirements For Personal Loan and Pay Day Loan:
• Singaporean, PRs (Permanent Residents), S-Pass holder and Work permit holder
• Minimum age: 21
• All income welcome
• Currently Employed
• Not applicable to Undischarged bankruptcy or pending bankruptcy
• Original NRIC
• Employment payslip
• CPF contribution statement
• Income tax statement
• Utilities bill or HP bill (Proof of Address)
• Singaporeans with singpass can print required documents at our office. Your singpass will not be revealed.

Requirements For Foreigner Loan:
• Passport
• Work Pass (S-Pass or employment pass)
• Employment payslip
• Tenancy Agreement (Rented Unit)
• Employment Letter or Appointment Letter
• Bank statement showing salary credited
• Utilities bill or HP bill (Proof of Address)

Requirements for Business Loan:
• Singapore incorporated frim/ corporation
• Latest ACRA
• NRIC/Passport/workpass of shareholder/director/partners
• Tenancy agreement for place of bussiness
• Corporate bank statment
• Balance sheet
• Profit and loss statment
• Company stamp/seal
• Title deeds or proof of assets (secured loan)

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